Saturday, August 15, 2015

Irish Meadows Book Review

This is my first time reading Susan A. Mason, and I was impressed.  This book didn't have as much of the 'Irish' element that I was expecting, though the religious aspect of Catholicism and works definitely fit that genre.  Brianna and Colleen are two sisters who don't get along. They, along with their family, live on a horse farm. Their father has aspirations for them marrying well. But both girls have different ideas for their future than their father. As each girl grows up and matures, she realizes what is important and what is worth fighting for.

The book reads like a family saga. The writing flows well and kept me moving through the story. The characters were more numerous than a typical historical romance. The book is laid out so that the main story lines are completed at the end of the book, but characters are set up for the next book in the series. The message of forgiveness and faith was woven throughout the story without it being preachy.

  This was a good coming of age tale of learning the difference between being grateful and setting boundaries necessary to become mature. I found the exploration of honoring your parents while finding your way to adulthood very well and respectfully done. There is much to learn about love and honor in this book so that we follow Gods path for us and not the path others think we should take.

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